Article from the PRODISYS project as published in Procedia CIRP

As a result of the joint activities of the practice and research partners in the PRODISYS project, the project members from the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU) were able to publish two articles in the Procedia CIRP journal. The articles focus on the following themes and are available as open access publications.

Platform-based service composition for manufacturing: A conceptualisation

How can heterogeneous, independent industrial services be brought together in digitised production networks? The FAU research team of the FAPS and Wi1 Chairs, consisting of Jonathan Fuchs, Sascha Julian Oks and Jörg Franke, is tackling this question. Consequently, the conceptualisation of a platform-based system architecture is proposed, which allows the creation of service bundles that are based on tried and tested architectures. In addition, the conceptualisation aims for the further development of communication systems in order to enable multilateral value creation in networks.


Cyber-physical modelling and simulation: A reference architecture for designing demonstrators for industrial cyber-physical systems

In the context of Industry 4.0, many stakeholder groups are represented with different and sometimes conflicting expectations and attitudes towards new technologies and working methods. Demonstrators have proved useful in resolving these conflicts and developing a common understanding among different interest groups. The article by Sascha Julian Oks, Max Jalowski, Albrecht Fritzsche and Kathrin M. Möslein from Wi1 presents the concept of "cyber-physical modelling and simulation", which forms the basis for a reference architecture for designing demonstrators for industrial cyber-physical systems. The reference architecture offers the possibility to design and use demonstrators according to company-specific goals and application scenarios.